Sunday, October 17, 2010

Round the Bowl, Down the Hole

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As the country continues to move down the slope toward midterm elections, the economy continues its slide into the sewer. The battle for economic progress has become the earmark issue for this election cycle. No matter what the Democrats say about their progress, or the Republicans tell you about their plans for improvement once they are reinstated to power in Congress, the following facts remain an indicator of the giant mess we are in right now in the United States. Let me give you some examples of the horrendous economic plight of Americans.

  1. 31% of home sales in September 2010 were due to foreclosures. 31%. Over one quarter. This is a sad and telling number. Although a few banks have temporarily halted foreclosures (see the video here:, the fact remains Americans are losing their homes, and fast. The reason for the temporary halt by Bank of America foreclosures is faulty paperwork. As I reported on my show two weeks ago, officials for the bank actually admitted to not even reading the paperwork for the foreclosures they were signing due to the large volume of foreclosures being requested. If you think this is alarming, look closer at individual states and the rates for home loss. Nevada leads the nation, followed by Ohio ( This article states, "millions may have lost their homes in error." Millions because of an error in paperwork? This is TOTAL and UTTER incompetence by banks and government officials, once again costing the American citizens. I was outraged to read one family lost their home because of miscalculating their mortgage payment by FOURTEEN CENTS. Meanwhile, the news reports stories every
    day about the money raised for political campaigns, or the members of Congress receiving a free spa and wellness event, complete with free massages and vendors giving out freebies. And the government has the AUDACITY to question why Americans are ticked off with the current administration? Regardless of party, our government is bent on eliminating the middle class. The middle class is being flushed away in favor of a two-class system, the haves and the have nots, with the haves sitting firmly in power in DC.
  2. Let's move on the gloriousness known as health care reform. If you have not been paying attention, here is a quick recap: thanks to the reform, the current doctor shortage is getting worse; corporations are getting a pass to continue their coverage at certain rates; Congress does not have to partake (why would they, when they get those free wellness events anyway?) and the list goes on and on. This week a judge has ruled to allow 20 states to proceed with a lawsuit against the government health care takeover ( Couple this news with the increasing number of Democrats calling for repeal (, and what we have here is not the crown jewel of the Obama regime, but a gigantic mess. What does this mean for the economy and Americans, the theme of this post? Let me tell you. First, let's take a stroll down memory lane, back to the good ole days (days when I was not even around, mind you), when corporate America took care of their employees. People worked at the same job for 10, 20, 30 years, and when they retired from their great company, their benefits stayed with them, paid for in retirement, no worries. Now people are expendable. Employers have a much different view about people as people. For example, when my husband was laid off for the second time this year, he was fortunate to be offered two jobs. We decided as a family unit to take the job paying less. Why? Because that particular job invested time in my husband. He had a two hour interview, a follow-up meeting to meet other employees and managers, and the benefits were paid by the company. The other employer held no interview, just a phone call and an offer. But to us, the second company did not invest in him as a person, and therefore, he would be more easily dismissed. However, this situation is happening more and more in our country. It has happened to me at current job, ending in December. No regard for the domino effect a layoff will have on a family. The new health care law doesn't help me have continued coverage for my children. COBRA will cost me a little over $600 per month, and with no income, how will that be paid? The "life changing event" will allow us to add the children and me to my husband's benefits….after a 90 waiting period and a decrease in pay when it takes effect. Not to mention the taxpayers liability coming down the pike for the overall reform. I just hope we are not going to be a statistic under problem number one in this blog.
  3. Some disturbing facts: 9.5 % unemployment rate for 14 straight months. 95000 jobs lost last month in government layoffs. 39000 private sector jobs lost last month. But the lies from Washington haven't been laid off. The Obamanation regime continues to claim job growth and economic recovery. WHERE? WHERE ARE THESE JOBS? WHO EXACTLY IS REAPING THE REWARDS OF THESE LIES? Not me, the average American citizen. When my contract ends in December, I will join millions of Americans in collecting unemployment because I cannot find a midyear appointment to pay the bills. Again, it is utterly ridiculous when the liberal media and the President seem SHOCKED when Americans voice how angry they are that they are struggling to put food on the table for their families and keep shelter and the lights on over their families' heads. Other figures released last week contribute to this anger. According to reports, 41.8 million Americans live off of food stamps. This number is expected to increase. The bigger problem, however, is how many people are allowed to abuse this system. As an example, let's look at the jobs and poverty issue from the perspective of the oil spill victims. Last week, a friend in the Gulf told me of a story involving a restaurant in which the cook filed a claim with BP and received over 20,000 dollars, while the actual restaurant owner received a little over $1500. WHAT?!?! The COOK. At best, a minimum wage job. The cook, by the way, quit his job when he received the payout. The restaurant owners are just trying to stay afloat. This is abuse by the system. But have we heard these stories? NO. We hear stories about members of Congress not paying their taxes and getting away with it.


An Associated Press poll in September about the economy, 92% of Americans said the economy was out of control and not in a recession, 79% said the economy was in bad shape, while 15% said the economy was healthy. Those 15% must be in cahoots with Congress, or rich, or both. The rest of us are simply trying to not be flushed down the toilet with the rest of the United States economy. VOTE.

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  1. America is already in a massive decline, and if you think the wonderful government is gonna do something about it guess again! Just watch this clip of the Federal and local forces beating up an old lady: